Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I don't need YOU!

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Arguably you do not need anyone to reach your fitness goals, because everything that is being done, has been done. If your goal is weight loss, you can go to the library or the Internet and look up fitness plans, pick one you like, use your self control and just do it!

There is a downside though.  There are 54,900,000 choices with one search engine.  54 million.  Let us say you spend only 10 seconds of reading highlights to determine if a listing might meet your needs, and that in that same 10 seconds you can move on to the next listing.  Let us assume that of the 54 million you only look at 1% of the listings, and you select only 10 to give a minute to.  That's just 62 1/2 days to find the 10 listings you will spend 1 minute on to make yourself ready to be fit.  (Assuming you do not work or sleep or eat.)

That is an over dramatic example to be sure, but one of the biggest issues with getting started is in fact Getting Started, and from the 20,000 students we have had, one thing has been a common thread.  Facilitating the beginning is the MOST important aspect of any fitness program.  Most people, before the get to us, spend years if not decades waiting for tomorrow as they get their ducks in a row.  IF YOU ARE ALIVE, YOUR DUCKS ARE IN A ROW.  NOW YOU NEED TO GO OUT AND GET THOSE DUCK FIT.

There are many ways to get fit physically, but they all pretty much come down to the same three things.

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1) See your doctor to be sure that what you are going to do will make you fit.  People, like us, are expert on what we have studied and learned and taught.  Your doctor is expert on your body.  See your doctor. See your doctor.  Did I mention, see your doctor.
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2) Physical Activity.  Two things, other than illness, will make a daily, weekly and life long impact on your body.  The first of these is physical activity.  If you are older than 16, you probably think of sports, sweat, pain and perhaps some awesome thing you did in High School or College as exercise.  You either look back at that with fear, thinking you can never get there again, or you look at it as a goal.  That is you mental image of what fitness is.  I have dozens of varsity letters from High School and College, for example, and I know what fitness was then.  I have been training in the martial arts for over 25 years, and I know what stress I was put under for each black belt test. I see that both ways.  Wow, I did that and would like to again, and NO FREAKING WAY will I do that again.  Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt.

Both images do nothing but STOP you from starting, so ignore them now.

It's not like that.  Sure, you should have goals, if you are a goals type of person, but remember that Christopher Columbus got to America, not India.  His goals were never realized, but we now know the world is NOT flat and there two entire continents between Portugal and India.  He just got into his boats, and sailed.

A Single Black Belt Test - Fitness in a Team
So start.  Since I am a martial artist, and I know that Martial Arts were NOT invented for the UFC or tournaments, but rather for Fitness and Self Defense, I suggest you try martial arts.  

If you want sport, karate or mma is good 

If you want self defense, karate or a self defense system is good.

If you want fitness, weight loss, strength and/or flexabity, karate or Tai Chi is good.  When I say karate, by the way, I mean all traditional martial arts.  I am a karatica, so I think karate, but Kung Fu is just fine.

And you get the added bonus of a group other people with the same or related attitudes that are their to help you make it through, and that you can help as well. There are instructors who have one purpose; You. You have regular check ups to let you know how you are doing.  Most important, you have begun.  So Begin!

It's not so much the coach, though we are Awesome.

It's not just the others there who will help you and you can help.

It's not that it is a proven 2000 year old system that works and has always worked.

It's about you. Start NOW!

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3) One area of impact is the fuel you can put into your body.  (For more information of Food & Fitness, see Food and the stuff we Eat that really Isn't!)  Working out teaches your body how to use fuel as well. You will eat less, and you will eat better if you are working out, because your body is working better.

So, you do not need a coach.

But they will make your life better.

You do, however, need a plan.  There are lots of plans. Martial Arts are 1000s of years old.  The plan works. But even martial artist are not practicing only martial arts.  We run, lift, punch, go to the gym.  Some our our staff does Beach Body work outs. In fact, based on the same benefits, one our or master instructors is a beach body coach (of P90X fame).  If you want more information on what else you can do to make your workout better, check out her page.

Nobody works out very long on their own, especially at the beginning.  You need a team around you so you can just start.

So Do It.  Start.

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