Saturday, September 22, 2012

This is a drill we used today in the Karate Kids class.  We happen to be teaching them how to reach their Potential while at the same time adding as many attributes of intensity as they can.

The problem can be, that it is generally considered hard to "Do you Best," when you are just learning something new.  Intensity is easily born from experience and knowledge.  Teaching them that showing it at all times is more difficult.

This drill is designed to teach them that if the approach anything with their best attitude, they might well do it correctly, and if not, since they are already moving, it is easy to guide them to the goal.  If they are not moving, for whatever reason, fear, doubt, training; it is much harder to guide them through their actions.  In Physics, this concept is called inertia, and can also be seen in Newtons Laws of motion, A Body at Rest tends to Stay at Rest and a Body in Motion, tends to Stay in Motion.

Easy drill to teach this concept.  You need students, a starting place, a finishing place, and some noodles.

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