Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ed Parker Creed of Kenpo Karate

Ed Parker - Creed
I was reading some of Ed Parker's Infinite Insights into Kenpo, and once again I ran across not only the Creed of Kenpo Karate, but an explanation of the creed.

First, it was written the year I was born in the month I was born.  Pretty cool for me, but more importantly, it illustrates one of the great truths of Martial Arts for the modern man.  Things change, and you either adapt, or you fail.

The explanation actually states that the creed "denotes the Martial Artist's way of life in today's environment."

The book in which I rediscovered the creed was written in 1983, and in it Ed Parker suggests that enough time has already passed since he wrote it, that we need to reanalyze it.

He points out that Right and Wrong are absolutes both when he wrote it, and in our own time.  Interesting, since most people think that right and wrong are a matter of perspective.

He goes on to point out that life or death means "strict adherence to survival in protecting loved ones or self."  That is still the same.

He implores us to uphold principles and protect them, for our society was founded on principles.

Then I read something I don't recall ever reading before.  He states that HONOR gives dignity.  True enough, but worthy of noting that it is one of the Principles of a martial artist.

He then suggests that using empty hands is a higher level of living than using weapons.  That as martial artist, we are bound to not use weapons as a mater of honor and justice, when applying the martial arts.  Clearly, this is a departure from centuries of martial arts training in the past.

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