Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Joe Frazier's Creed

I was re-reading Joe Frazier's Box Like the Pros, and this time I read the introduction, which I had never read before.  That is when I found the Creed of Joe Frazier's Gym.

You've got to realize that when I was in high school, Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali were hero's of mine.  They seemed to be opposites striving for the same goal.  One was a giant man and the other was a butterfly that stung like a bee.  I was amazed every single time I saw them box.

So, when I read this book, being the martial artist I am, I was interested in any secrets to success that this hero of mine had.

Imagine my surprise when I found thoughts in the introduction  that said that the main job of his gym was to teach MORE than just boxing, but to prepare people for the world.

Then I read the creed.  Wow.  Because we sacrifice.  Nothing comes for free.

Because we are discipline, because nothing of value is easy to come by.

Why are we the best? Because we Work Hard.

This is the lesson we learn from the martial arts, that art, that power, that excellence, that power all come from sacrifice, self discipline and hard work.

Thank you Mr. Frazier.  For your life; for your book, and for the truth in your creed.

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