Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Five Doctrines of the Hwa Rang Do

During the Silla Dynasty (57AD - 688) of Korea, the Knights or Korea were the Hwa Rang Warriors.  

It is translated as "The Way of the Flowering Knight," and was comprised of the youth of the aristocracy in what is now Korea.  They were well educated, artistic and training in all the ways of fighting.  They were the countries Good Guys.

They had 5 codes of conduct, or doctrines which they followed as a brotherhood, which translate into most if not all martial arts I have studied.

The first is be loyal to ones country, meaning that you owe honor to the place that keeps you safe, allows you to live and eat, protects your property and family. 

Be obedient to Parents and Elders is a lost art in much of the west.  Many look at elders and perhaps their own parents as out of touch and an inconvenience.  This code required the warriors to look at them with respect, honoring them in thoughts words and actions.  We and standing tall, because we are standing on their shoulders.

Honor friendship speaks for itself.  Often people abandon friends and creeds if life gets tough.  A martial artist's honor prohibits that.

Face combat only in justice and with honor.  The phrase that  "it is not if you win or lose, but how you play the game comes to mind."  They did not fight unless it was both necessary and right.  Justice is not always fair, so the warriors were required to be able to decide what was right and just with honor.

Never retreat in battle means that if you are just, and made the choice to fight with honor, then just because you see a way out, a way to escape, they Hwa Rang Warriors fought on.  Principle, honor and justice was more important to them than their lives.

These principles and doctrines still have a place in our world today.  Can you imagine if each black belt that was ever made, believe and lived these doctrines.

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