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10 STEPS TO GET RESULTS IN TWO WEEKS and lose up to ten pounds.

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If you are not the weight you want to be, consider doing this and prepare to look amazing.

Set a starting date and write down your weight that date. Also write down your goal weight.  Writing it down does NOT make it happen but it does allow you and your brain to commit to doing it.  Commitment is the key.

1. Keep track of ALL calories you are consuming. For a female don’t go over 1300, for a male 1500. If you want a simple program or app for your smart phone that helps you do this, go to MyFitnessPal.

2. Go to the grocery store and stock up on vegetables.
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Fresh or frozen (plain – no sauces). Also, good lean proteins. And, yes, eggs are your friend.

3. Throw out ALL your junk food including Soft Drinks and snacks. Seriously, throw it out, because if you keep it, you will fail.

4. Plan to be determined to live clean for two weeks. No Alcohol, smoking or restaurant food.

5. Plan to drink Water, tea or coffee. (make it at home without creamer; if you must “lighten” it , use milk.)

6. Balance your intake with 1/3 carbohydrates, 1/3 protein and 1/3 fat. The extra 10% can be protein or carbohydrates of your choice. Drink four 16oz. bottles of water per day. Vegetables are the best source of carbohydrates. There is no need for grain based carbohydrates. The fats can come from nuts, avocados and healthy oils.

7. Eat a protein heavy breakfast and have meals that are no more than 400 calories total.
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8. Exercise every day. Take any type of physical class; one that will get your heart rate up. Obviously, we suggest some form of Martial Arts, but that's only if you're awesome. Any exercise will work.  MFP can help keep track of that too. Work up to 2 miles of walking on off days. You do not need a device to keep track of your steps per day, but it helps.  We suggest Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band - Black , but they all work, and most work with MyFitnessPal.
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9. Look in the mirror and reaffirm your commitment. Have and use only positive words and thoughts. Weigh yourself daily. If the weight isn’t going down, focus more on what is going into your body.

10. Take a before picture and have an honest look of where you are at and the plan you are taking. Take an after picture at the end of two weeks.

Quitting is not allowed.  After two weeks, Celebrate. 

-Sabum Nim Anne McCoy

Feel Free to copy this content and use as you see fit.  The photographs CANNOT be used, but the words are.

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