Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bullying Teaching Videos #3

Social Media Content for Newsletters & Posts - Bullying

This is Number 3: 

The next few posts will be Video and/or Text that can be used to teach students, friends and family members what bullying is or what to do about it.  A suggested use would be to post the video or article in social media with your impressions about what the piece does and why it is important.  Ignorance is our biggest enemy.  Ignorance of what a Bully is, What Bullying can really do, that we ourselves, or our children, may be intended or unintended bullies.  H8 Stop the Hate Now.

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Title: Pause & Think Online Song
Subject: As with Self Defense, teaching our kids to "Trust" their intuition is a giant first step.  That is the subject of this On-line safety video
Result: Did you know, most people learn better when the subject is to music?  That's the result - jingle, jingle jingle - PSA
Media: Cartoon stick figures
Sub Themes: Use your heart and stand up.
Use: Before middle school children mostly, though any age will learn something.

From: Common Sense Media


Title: Cyberbullying Prevention Tips for Kids
Subject: How to teach "Stand Up & Speak Up" behavior to stop bullying.
Result: Common sense understanding of how to Stop Cyber Bullying
Media: A live Action background with Speaking Points
Sub Themes: Respect - both in action and if they do make a mistake as well as sharing pictures.
Use: Anyone that uses TXT or social media.

From: Common Sense Media


Products that Support this Message:

The Anti-Bully Program: A Common Sense Guide for Families (The Common Sense Guide) (Volume 1) - a Very Good book about common sense for families that worry about bullies.
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