Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Star Wars Double Light Saber & Create a Movie PNO

This Parent's Night Out is a theme revisited for us, combined with our Summer Weekly Themes, one of which is "Class Movie Week."   I have included the video below, so you can see the "Double Light Saber" is easy to make in bulk.  In this case, we used 2 feet of PVC Pipe, as well as normal sized pool noodles.

We actually have discovered that for speed, quality control, shipping costs and the ability to return if its wrong, using is our best bet.

We buy them in bulk packs since we use them so much for PNO an in class.

You will need Robelle Pool Water Noodles Blue and Pink 12-Pack for normal use,

You will need Robelle Big Boss Pool Noodles Teal and Blue 6-Pack for the light sabers.  In addition, the bigger size makes them safer to use.

Finally, you will need Duct tape in a variety of colors.Bazic Fluorescent Colored Duct Tape, Assorted Colors, Pack of 6, 1.88-inch x 10 Yard for accents, and Scotch Duct Tape, White, 1.88-Inch by 60-Yard for the base of each sword.  You can also get the colors at Staples or Home Depot.

Second, the Movie is one we made by taking class videos from Monday through Thursday, having the teens and children create a 60 second segment of class where they either created a skit or just performed some section of curriculum.  It took about 2 hours to make the movie, and there is ZERO advertising intent, beyond social.  We wanted to make sure the kids say themselves, not our business.

This particular PNO also did not follow out standard plan, in that the first 45 minutes were games designed to teach the desirability of playing to win at the same time being "Kind."  Oddly, we created the drills for, but a good drill is a good drill, so we used them in class the Friday of the PNO, as kinda of an advertisement, as well as teaching the lesson, and then again, full blown, at the PNO. For more information on materials and rules, see Unit 7 of ESS by clicking Here.

This is the Order of Events we followed:

1) Name of Game: Balloon Head Butt Version 1 - Definition of Excellence: Excellence is a talent or quality which is unusually good and so surpasses ordinary standards. For all practical purposes, excellence is achieved by doing your best, every moment.

This game shows the difficulty of following simple instructions when you are driven to win or reward.  At the same time, it demonstrates that you can have fun while pursuing excellence and not winning. If you want more information, rules of supplied, click Here for another blog out ours that uses this game.

2) The name of the game is Drag Them Down With You - The video shows an adult leading the game, and we have found that the first time you play the game, this is a good idea; however, we have also found that you get better, more energetic participation if you let them lead it after and adult has led the game. We have had this game run as long as 45 minutes without losing steam, but we suggest you run it through to a winner maybe 3 or 4 times.

This game is very similar to Simon Says, but it is designed to teach how easy it is to make others follow you, abandoning the rules, just to feel like a winner. (Peer pressure OR Bad Leadership.)

3) The Name of the Game is - The Shell Game with a Twist: The video shows an adult leading the game, and in this case it should remain so. Warning, since this is using the Shell Game, if it is presented by a child, it might be construed as having children playing a confidence game, while in fact, we are using the same game to teach them the dangers of people playing such a game one them.

This too is a peer pressure game, but this time we use the Crowd to try to mislead the main player.  If you want more information, rules of supplied, click Here for another blog out ours that uses this game.

4) Dodge Ball.  We play a large variety of dodge ball, and if you want some ideas, leave a comment, and I will give you some video and ideas.  However, the most successful is called "Create a Game." In this game, they have to use the supplies we give them, say a 30 foot rope, 3 balls and 4 hula hoops, come up with the rules, and then play the game.  The "leader" then asks them if they liked the game, and if there is anything they can do to make it better.  They then make the game better, or harder, or easier, based on the feedback.  We supply supervision, but we try to let them experience the growth.

5) Pizza

6) Star Wars - Basically Capture the Flag using swords and double foam light sabers to "tag" people.  

After we play a few games, we either alter the game ourselves, if we need to, or we let them suggest and implement changes to the game.

7) We then put the movie on, 20 minutes before the parents are required to be there for pick up. Have them clean the floor as we play the movie, and then, we play a game of Dodge ball WITH THE BROTHERS, SISTERS, FRIENDS AND PARENTS WHO CAME TO PICK THEM UP.


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